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how to find micro niche ideas with 6 effective ways     

Creating content on a small niche can help you to reach targeted audience in a less time & you can also get a good ROI (Return on investment).

Finding a micro niche idea with low competition & high profitability is not so easy, you need to do research and it can take a long time but don’t worry, with the below effective ways you can find it in less time & can start your content creation journey.

Through this article you will not only get a complete framework on how to find micro niche ideas step-by-step without losing your mind but also will get to learn about some micro niches ideas that will blow your mind, So keep reading.

Note: This method of finding a micro niche idea applies to both blog and vlog.

Before proceeding ahead lets first understand the difference between niche & micro niche

micro niches

What is niche and micro niche?

Niche means a broader topic that has more opportunity and even it can attract lot of people but the conversion may not be so good.

There are some niches that also are highly competitive and as a newbie you can’t outrank such big competitors.

While micro-niche means a small part of a giant topic, topic that is more specific and less competitive cannot attract a big audience but can give a good conversion.

That’s why many people are nowadays getting started with micro-niche instead of going with a big niche.

What is micro niche example
Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay

What is micro niche example??

To get it more clear for you, I would like to take an Example.

For example: A broader category like “Shoes” any guess what type it is?? If your answer is niche then it is absolutely Right, but what if you go more deep in this niche, then there will also sub-niche like “girls shoes” is this a micro niche?? Off-course not, let’s Go deeper, making it more specific and selecting a micro one like “college girls shoes” this is more focus and it is a micro-niche. I hope you are getting it.

What are micro niche websites??

Micro niche websites consists of very few pages, as the content is more specific and it is focused on a small topic.

Websites with smaller niche can get good targeted traffic & as well as conversion.

Example of micro niche website is https://hostingframe.com/ that shares content on hosting only.

Note: the above was just an example but while selecting any micro niche you must find its competition and market demand that I will show you in this article only.

Ok, you have understood what micro-niche is and now let’s learn some effective ways to find it step-by-step and after that I am also going to share with you micro niche list that will definitely going to help you so keep reading.

6 effective ways on how to find micro niche ideas

how to find micro niche ideas

Way 1) Using free tool Ahref:

Many people think that it is a paid tool but you can even use their free version and that is good enough for beginner, OK to find your micro niche just go to the Ahref free keyword generator tool and once you are on that page just enter a broader keyword that you are more interested in.

 Here in below image you can see I have taken an example of “shoes”, you need to just scroll it and you can find more sub-topics.

On the right hand side you can also see the topic competition (K.D) & search volume.

Now based on it just select a sub-category, here I will choose girls shoes & will copy it and again renter in tool as shown below.

Now you can see that after searching the term “girls shoes” the tool will show more specific category and from there you can choose and can go with any micro niche.

Here my micro niche is “girls shoes sports” that has low competition and also enough volume.

This way you can find you micro niche.

Way 2) Using Google trends:

This is one of the popular tool by Google for finding trending topics but the question is How do you find a micro niche?? Using this free tool, for that just follow below steps.

Step1) Go to Google trends

Step2) use your Gmail to login & there navigate the all categories option as shown below.

Step 3) you can see various categories and under it just select sub category.

Step4) in many sub-category you can also filter some micro niche, select that and go again to ahref tool & just find its competition & volume that’s it.

Way 3) Through your mobile phone:

Now you will say Jiten, what are you saying?? Through mobile phone?? Yes! You can do that just have a look below.

Go to your android phone> go to chrome> there you will find top sites option just open it and under various categories you go deeper and can find micro-niche.

Way 4) Using YouTube:

Yes! Even through YouTube you can find your micro-niche, just go on YouTube and there at the top left corner you will find an Explore option> click on it and select any of the category that excites you & now you need to go to ahref tool & put that category, there search in more depth & find out your micro niche.

Way 5) Use social media:

Social media platforms has become a part of our life & do you know that  you can also use it to find a micro topic idea, here I would like to take an example of Instagram, you may not be knowing this technique or you have never observed it.

Just go to your Instagram account on your mobile & click on the search tab, after that you can notice that Instagram will Start showing you some topic, it will blink in every second with a new topic & from there you can get some idea for micro-niche.

Way 6) Your inner voice:

Why not to think about your passion, about your interest if it align with the market demand, just make a list of topics that you are more interested and then do a little bit research and go deeper in that topic and come out with micro-niche using the way 1 that I have shown you above.

Wait the article has not over Yet, I have some micro niche list ideas to share with you that will be like icing on the cake for you but before that lets have a look on how to find a profitable micro niche??

How do you choose a profitable niche??

After coming up with a micro-niche idea you need to find micro topic competition and also profitability, so let’s see how to do it.

First enter your micro niche on Ahref tool and find its competition and volume, for example I have taken a micro niche, “tvs sport bike”, you can see below that the micro topic that I have chosen has a low competition and also search volume is enough now I have to also find its profitability & for that I will use a tool Uber-suggest.

Go to ubersuggest tool & enter your micro niche and find out CPC, if it is high that means the topic is profitable (Note: this profitability is based on the Google ad-sense that you can use in your monetization strategies.)

Ok now you know how to choose a profitable micro niche & let’s talk about some best micro niche ideas on which you can start immediately.

What are some good niche ideas 2022?

Micro niche idea 1) dry fruits name-

This is a unique & more searched micro-niche idea with low competition that can give you a high profit in return.

You can even start a micro-niche blog on such a topic.

  • Search volume: 40k
  • Competition: Very Low
  • CPC: High

Micro niche idea 2) technology app

  • Search volume: Low
  • Competition: Medium
  • CPC: High

Micro niche idea 3) craft paper 

  • Search volume: High
  • Competition: Very Low
  • CPC: High

Micro niche idea 4)

Adventure places in India- this is also a low competition niche on which you can get started, you can even go deeper by choosing more specific micro-niche, for example: adventure places in Pune, adventure places in jaipur etc.

  • Search volume: Medium
  • Competition: low
  • CPC: High

Micro niche idea 5) steel grill design-

  • Search volume: High
  • Competition: Very Low
  • CPC: High

Micro niche idea 6) Bluetooth earphone-

You can even go with more specific micro topic in it like for example:  

  • Search volume: High
  • Competition: Medium
  • CPC: medium

>>Below are some more micro niches blog ideas 2022
  • Best TV Review
  • Gaming chair review
  • Baby care products
  • Instagram tips
  • Website speed increase
  • Hosting review
  • energy drinks in india    
  • Best music app in india
  • free seo keyword research tools

Technology micro niches
  • Smart watch
  • AI writing
  • Best gaming laptops
  • Microsoft office tutorials
  • Coding for kids
  • Video screen recorder review
  • News tech
  • Home automation


Starting with micro niche is a great idea to reach targeted audience in less time & you can also get a good profit in return & I hope from the above effective way you have got to learn the exact process of finding a micro niche ideas.

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See you again in another article & please drop a comment below about on which micro-niche you are going to get started or have already started.

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