best guest blogging sites in india 2022

6 best guest blogging sites in India

You are in a search of guest blogging sites in India on which you can write and can get initial traction on your blog, Am ‘I Right?? 

Guest blogging is a best practice that cannot only help you to get some traffic on your blog but also will help you to reach the new audience in your niche.

Although, it is an off page SEO (search engine optimization) activity and if done correctly then it can bring traffic to your blog like shower.

The question that triggering in your mind may be that how do I find guest post opportunities??

Look there are lots of website out there on which you can write a guest post but you need to find relevant and do follow guest posting sites so that you can get more out of it.

Through this guide you will not only get to learn about 6 best guest blogging sites in India but also all the points related to guest blogging that will blow your mind, so keep reading.

First let’s have a look on what is exactly guest blogging??

What is guest blogging??

guest blogging sites in India
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When you write content on others website that process is known as guest blogging, but wait, why even someone will allow you to write on their website?? The short answer is by seeing your writing work and that you can show them through your own blog or through various mediums.

The most common question a beginner has is that Where can I have a blog post?? the answer is you can write it on your own blog or can write for others websites.

If you still have not started your blog yet, then my previous detailed guide on how to start blogging in India 2022 will definitely goona help you.

Ok, now you may be having a question that is guest blogging good for SEO?? The answer is yes! You must include it in your strategies to get more exposure on your content and as well as to get a powerful back-link in return.

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Benefits of guest blogging

How do I submit a guest blog post
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There are lots of benefits of guest blogging and some are shown below.

You get traffic:

When you guest post on others website then you get noticed by the visitors on that website and people can even directly search you on the internet, which helps you to get referral traffic on your blog if you have.

You get back link:

earning a back link is just like up vote and if it is do-follow then it’s like icing on the cake. Whenever you will guest post on others website then there is a possibility that in return you get do-follow or no-follow back link that can make your Seo efforts comes true.

It builds authority:

Do you know that Google rewards to high authority sites and that’s why guest post can also help you to build some authority of your blog online.

Before you guest post keep some below points in mind.

do follow guest posting sites
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  • Write in detail:

When it comes to blogging as a guest on others website or blog you need to write detailed and valuable content that is not only Seo optimized but also user friendly.

You can even add images and videos to break the entire article in crispy form.

  • Build networking:

before you pitch any blog or website owner, first talk to them if possible and make good relationships that can help you for a long time.

You can reach out to the like minded people in your niche and can make them your good friends, as with time they will know you more and as well as about your writing work & that is the time where you can ask them to write on their blog if they allow.

  • Find good D.A blogs:

Before posting any content on others website make sure to check their website D.A (Domain Authority), if the D.A is good that means more than 15 then it will make more sense and that will benefit you in many ways.

You may be having a question that how do I submit a guest blog post?? It’s easy, when you will visit any website there you will find an option like “write for us” or submit guest post, you can go out there and just submit your writing work and make sure to complete whatever their requirement is.

Note: make sure to ask the website owner either they will give you a do-follow or no-follow back link.

  • Proofread:

Make sure to check spelling and grammar mistakes before you submit content. Just have a look again on the entire article and edit it where it is necessary, don’t use complicated words instead of it make simple.

  • First go with free:

Many people have some confusion regarding guest post & the questions like is guest blogging paid are commonly asked, do you have the same question then sweet answer to it is that not all are, many of website gives us opportunity to guest post for free.

 There are lots of website on the internet on which we can guest post for free but again you need to find high D.A websites, if you want to get more out of it.

Don’t worry in the below list I have cover some best guest blogging sites in India on which you can write guest posts.

Ok so now without wasting your precious time let’s talk about free guest post site list.

6 best guest blogging sites in India

#1 Read write :

This is an amazing media platform that allows us to write guest post on their website, it is popular site that works with top industrial technology, thinkers and many companies.

Before you write guest post make sure to read their guidelines

Global rank: #368,528

Monthly visit- 134.50K

DA- 84

Topics- technology, digital news, entrepreneur etc.

Guest post guidelines-


It is one of the largest well known platforms that talks about entrepreneurship, startups and stories. It is very popular among youth.

Global rank: #27,983

Monthly visit: 2.70M

DA: 87

Topics: stories, entrepreneurship, startups etc.

#3 Edugorillla-

If you are searching for education guest blogging sites in India then this is the right platform for you to write content related to education, it is the largest and one of the best platform that has 120,000 subscribers & it attracts more than 500,000 monthly visitors.

Global rank: #74,107

Monthly visit: 829.50K

DA: 50

Topics: educations.

Guest post guidelines:


It is the best platform that allows us to write guest blog post on categories like blogging, entertainment and lifestyles.

Monthly visit: 6.58k

D.A: 51

Topics: blogging, entertainment and lifestyle.

Guest post guidelines:


This site offers wide areas for people to guest post on multiple categories like business, digital marketing, lifestyle, education, technology etc.

D.A: 44

Topics: education, digital marketing, technology etc.

Guest post guidelines:


This is also one of the popular site known for guest posting, they offers various variety of niches on which you can write and can make a good authority through it.

D.A: 43

Topics: health, tech, lifestyle, travel, digital marketing etc.

Guest posting guidelines:


Guest blogging is a best way to reach broader audience in your niche and if done in right way then it can bring lots of traffic to your blog and also you can get a high quality back-link in return.

I hope now you have got the answer of where can I guest post for free & if you have any query then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment box.

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