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10 Vlogging and blogging difference- detailed comparison

Vlogging and blogging are the two different process but people often get confuse between them and that’s why I decided to write in detail about vlogging and blogging difference for you that will not only make your all doubts clear about it but also will help you to decide which will be better for you.

You may have come across these two terms Vlogging and Blogging while browsing on the internet and even have end up getting not enough information about it but believe me that at the end of this article you will take lots of insights and information about both the terms so keep reading.

With the help of internet and search engine like Google people are able to search and get lots of information and knowledge related to any niche (topic) in the form of different content & blogging, vlogging are also related to it, but how?? Let’s understand it.

What is the difference between vlogging and blogging

Vlogging and blogging difference

Vlogging is all about creating videos while blogging is related to writing but in hearing both sounds same, isn’t it?? To make it more clear lets elaborate each one.

what vlogging means

Vlogging is a process of creating content in the form of video and then further publishing it via platform like YouTube.

Example: We watch videos of various creators online to learn and get any information and even some people share their day to day life activities, different places visits, and they create videos on regular basis, this process of creating videos is exactly known as Vlogging.

It’s a digital era and videos are becoming a great medium for sharing any kind of knowledge and expertise with the world and hence people also like to consume content in the form of videos.

Vlogging has become popular nowadays and many people are starting their own vlogs.

what are the types of vlogs

There are mainly 2 types of Vlogging as shown below

  1. No-motion Vlogging This type of Vlogging involves motionless videos, means the creator directly show their face and then start speaking about a particular niche.

2. In- motion- This type of vlogging is done while moving camera all around, even from one place to another, Example: Travelling vlog.  

Before going in more depth let’s understand about the term blogging

What is blogging??

types of blogs
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

On the other hand Blogging is a process of creating content in the form of text or written form and then publishing it online through blogging platform so that people can read and access that content.

Example: Currently you are reading this article so that you can learn about what is the difference of blogging and vlogging AM’ I Right??

This process of writing articles consistently is known as blogging, I hope you are getting it.

Blogging has also become popular with time and the growth is tremendous.

Blogging is the best medium to share your knowledge with the world without showing your face, as you don’t need to make any video, you can just write content and publish it hassle free using blogging platform.

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You must have been reading articles of various famous blogs on the internet those all are examples of blogging.

Types of blogs

  • Educational
  • Travelling
  • Entertainment
  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Digital marketing
  • Affiliate
  • Gaming
  • Astrology

>>And the list goes on

Which is better blogging or Vlogging

The short answer is that it depends person to person because not everyone is comfortable to speak in front of camera.

If you are a shy guy and don’t want to come in front of camera then the blogging will be perfect option to go with, you just need to write content and then you can easily publish it online.

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If you are a person who don’t have any fear of camera and are comfortable in speaking in front of camera then Vlogging is for you.

Even you can start both but that I don’t recommend, why?? That I will talk in this blog post only so keep reading.

Now the question arising in your mind may be that then what is vlog and blog, so allow me to explain first about it.

What is the difference between blog and a vlog

Vlogging is a process of making videos while Vlog is a channel, you can say it as a niche, for Example: you may have seen lots of channels on YouTube that share content on a particular topic those are known as vlog.

Blogging is a process of writing but while blog means a website on which you will find huge amount of content in reverse chronological order, latest post at the top. Example of blog: blogginginindia.com

So the above were some example of blog and vlog

Blog Vs Vlog

Either you are starting blogging or Vlogging the first step is to decide your niche (topic) on which you will create content regularly.

Focusing on a particular niche (topic) will make more sense instead of going with multiple niches.

Want to know what are blog and vlog similarities?? Just read below.

What is the difference between blog and a vlog

Below are some vlogging and blogging difference

Vlog Blog
1). Once you publish a video then you can’t add fresh content in it.You can easily add fresh content in any existing article that you have written.
2). You can create and Host your vlog on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, vimeo at free of cost.There are various hosting provider out there in the market on which you can host your blog even for free, Example: blogger.com, tumblr.com, word-press etc.
3). Managing a vlog is quite simple; you can edit or update any video easily from one place.Managing a blog is easy by using platform like word-press, generally recommended for beginners, otherwise in other platforms you need to do all tasks manually.
4). The cost for maintaining a vlog may need some investment like camera, tripod, mic etc, but initially you can start without any investment.If you want to start a blog professionally then you need to do a little investment in buying hosting (storage) and domain (website name), or else you can even start for free.
5). You need to create content via video using camera.You can easily create content without making video, just you need to write and then you can publish it online via blogging platform.
6). People can easily engage with your video by leaving a comment, sharing, subscribe and like.People can engage with your content and can even leave comments, follow you, can also subscribe your blog.
7). You can monetize (means can earn) from your vlog by various methods.Blogging is not overnight game; it’s about dedication and valuable content creation, so it can take time to earn from a blog.
8). Creating videos does not take much time, just open camera make a video and it’s done. I know editing is also part but as compare to blogging it is easy and fast.Writing an article takes more time, as it involves lots of tasks like editing, SEO (Search engine optimization), proofreading etc.
9). To start a Vlog you don’t require much tech knowledge, you can just go out there and easily can create a channel.You need little tech knowledge in setting up a blog from buying hosting to making it live.
10) . Streaming: you can do online streaming by going live.You can’t do any online streaming on your blog.
Vlog Vs Blog

Now the question is that can we start blog and Vlog together??  Technically the answer is yes but I will not recommend it because that can make you overwhelming, as you will not be able to focus on one thing and this can even leads to failure.


There is not a deep difference between Vlogging and blogging it’s only the different ways of publishing content online and I hope after reading this article you have got an clear idea about Vlogging vs Blogging.

If you want me to come up with such unique content then please also share this blog post with others, see you again in another blog post.

Also comment below if you have any query.

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