pros and cons of blogging for students

Top 10 Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

You will be shock! After knowing that blogging is nowadays booming! Every next day a new blog is born & many students are also entering in this growing field.

Should a student start blogging??

Yes! Off course you must, Starting blogging in earlier age can help the student to develop multiple skill set in their life and that will help them in their future too.

I don’t want to let you go with incomplete information that’s why I will cover every possible point related to the advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students so that you don’t need to search it anywhere on the internet.

 If you are a student and are thinking of starting blogging then I am dam! Sure that through this article you will get an clear idea about how blogging can help you and even can affect you as a student, hence I am going to cover some most important advantages of blog in education & also some disadvantages that you must know before getting started.

advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

Not only this, but I am also going to share with you some outstanding blogging tools that will blow your mind so keep reading this article.

My motive behind starting this blog is to help you to understand all aspects of blogging and to overcome all the hurdles in your blogging journey

I know as a student you need to study hard but you may be thinking to start blogging so that you can earn some income from it & can also become famous through it, Am’I Right??

The next question that may be triggering in your mind is how do I start blogging??

So my friend, let me tell you that there are plenty of blogging platforms out there on which you can start your blogging journey even for free also.

One of the platform is in which you can get started for free but that has some limitations.

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Another way is to buy your own domain, hosting, and further install popular software like WordPress to customize and design your blog that we will learn in another blog post.

Before proceeding ahead, if you are not aware of what is exactly blogging, then allow me to explain you in short about it.

What is blogging?? {In short} – Blogging is a process of writing content in a particular niche (topic) or even multi niche (topics) and then publishing that content online via a blogging platform, So that people can access and read that content online.

To make it more clear, I would like to take a short example.

Example: I am currently writing this article so that you can get the exact information that you want & in the upcoming time I am also going to write more blog posts related to blogging & this process of writing content on regular interval of time is exactly known as blogging. I hope you are getting it.

But you may be thinking then what is blog and blogger?? So allow me to explain these terms in very few words.

Blog: it is a type of website on which you will find a huge amount of content that is updated regularly and that’s why it is called a blog or weblog.

Blogger: the person who writes content frequently on their own blog is recognized as a blogger in this digital era.

Now you may be thinking that what are the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?? Ok let’s talk about it.

advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students beginners??

Before starting blogging you must having question in your mind that what are the benefits of blogging for students and why even you should start it?? Am’I right?? So below are some main advantages and disadvantages of blogging that you must aware about before getting started.

#1 Your writing skill improves:

importance of blog in education

When you will get enter in the blogging field then with time you will observe a massive difference in the way of your writing.

Blogging helps you to improve your writing skill and you will be able to understand what your audience need from your content and it will push your brain to produce valuable content.

So this is one of benefit and importance of blog in education.

#2 You can earn:

what are the benefits of blogging for students
Image source: Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Do you know the best part about blogging is that you can earn a good source of income from it, but wait! It’s not so easy; you need to reach at a level where people will start trusting your content and you will be able to build credibility among your audience but for that, you need to write content consistently and have to produce problem-solving content.

So this is one of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students beginners

There are various ways through which you can monetize your writing that we will talk about in another blog post.

#3 Your thinking power improves:

blogging is not only about writing anything but it’s about properly structuring knowledge through content that Is in your brain & when you practice writing then you need to think deeper, you need to do research before writing a single piece of content and this leads to improvements in the way of your thinking.

Hence through blogging, you will develop such skills also.

#4 You can expertise one skill:

Before starting blogging you need to stick with a single niche (topic) around which you will write content on regular basis.

When you will start writing more and more on your niche (topic) then you will start gathering and gaining more information related to it & such time will come that you will become expertise in your niche (topic).

Blogging will help you to expertise your niche.

#5 You learn multiple skills:

Blogging is a type of field in which you get to learn multiple skills together.

Technical skills, Seo(search engine optimization) , social media marketing, analytics skills, writing skills, web designing skill, etc, you can learn through your entire blogging journey.

#6 You can become famous:

You can emerge as a brand through blogging, there are many examples in this online world that have become famous through blogging, and also they are able to make 10,000$ per month.

So this is the power of blogging that you can’t underestimate.

#7 Good networking:

you can build strong networking through blogging, as when you will write consistently on your blog & share it on your social media account then there is a high chance that you will meet with the same profession people and that will help you to build good networking.

If you will make a good relationship with other bloggers and share their stuff then they are definitely going to share your too and this way you can also bring visitors to your blog.

So through blogging, you can also build strong networking.

#8 It helps to learn digital marketing:

Digital marketing is a broad field that contains various modules like Seo, Sem, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, analytics, etc, So if you want to opt for digital marketing as your career then you must first start with blogging as it is the first step to learn digital marketing fast and practically.

So this is one of the benefits of starting blogging.

#9 You can be invited:

If you become famous through blogging then you can be invited to share your knowledge with people on various big platforms.

You can share your journey: you can even start your personal blog and can share your whole life journey through blogging.

You can even share your expertise in any field with the world through blogging.

#10 You don’t require any qualification:

The beautiful part about blogging is that anyone can start it and no qualification is required, just you need to have knowledge in any particular field, or even with little bit of knowledge you can get started.

You can start blogging from anywhere around the world just you need an internet connection, pc or mobile, and a topic to write on.

#11 No one will scold you:

You are your own boss! In blogging, you can write whenever you want and no one is going to scold you and say, Hey why you have not completed this or that.

#12 You can do guest blogging:

Guest blogging means you can write on others’ blogs and can even attract lots of visitors to your blog.

When you will write consistently and your blog will get a little spark then other bloggers may allow you to write on their blog as a guest.

Writing a guest posts is also one of the advantages of starting blogging.

What are disadvantages of blogging

#1 It may affect your studies:

Blogging is a continuous process of writing content and it requires dedication but as a student, if you get involve fully in it then it will affect your studies and your academic performance may be down.

To overcome this situation you should always maintain a balance between blogging and your studies and you must study at the time of study and start blogging side by side.

#2 It requires consistency: 

Blogging is not easy you need to be actively involve in producing content at regular intervals of time and nothing is going to happen overnight, it can take some months or even years to become successful so you need to maintain the level of consistency that most of the people fail to do.

#3 You will need investment:

If you want to be a good player and want to make blogging as a professional career then you need to first invest in buying your own domain and hosting and need to start a professional blog using popular software like WordPress.

You can even start blogging for free but remember that free blogging platforms has some drawbacks.

#4 You need to produce quality content:

The key is to produce problem-solving and valuable content so that users can get what they exactly want from your content.

It is not so easy process you need to work very hard and have to consistently produce quality content for your audience.

#5 People can leave rude comments:

Another disadvantage of blogging is that people can leave rude and negative comments on your blog post, so you need to always prepare yourself to listen to such comments on your blog also.

You can ignore such comments or can give polite answers to such comments.

So these were some advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students and teachers.

Bonus content

Now it’s time to share with you some game-changing tools that will make your blogging efforts comes true.

 Portent tool: If you want to grab people’s attention then you must write an attractive title for your article & a portent is the tool that can help you with this.

Even you can use power words in your title and do you know that questions work well Nowadays like how-to guides, what is? , why to?

Just enter the main keyword and see the magic of this tool.

 Another tool that can make your content stand out of crowd is Canva.

 Canva: Images speak more than words & to make your content more visual you can use canva.

Even if you are a non-technical guy, canva will help you to design and create images without having any professional skills.

So you must utilize this powerful tool to make your content pleasing and engaging.


Grammarly: Everyone likes to read error-free content & even if you are a skilled writer the mistakes happens, either it may be grammar or spelling mistakes.

So to proofread and to make your content error free you can use grammarly tool without spending a single penny.

There are two ways to use this tool, the first way is to install its chrome extension and the another is to use directly.


I hope now you know what is advantages and disadvantages of blogging and how it can benefit you in many ways if you do it in a right way.

Starting blogging as a student can help you to develop some multiple skills and even it can give you some rewards in the form of cash.

If you have any questions related to this blog post then please drop them in the comment box and I will be happy to give all your answer.

Also if you think this blog has helped you then please consider sharing it with your friends so that they can also learn.

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